Thursday, April 3, 2008

Where stories start

We’ve written recently about how persuasive stories must stay rooted in the truth.
There’s a post on the highly bookmark-able Springwise this morning that reminds us of what that truth consists of. One way or another, it inevitably connects back to human beings - the people who had the original inspiration; the people who spend their days and their careers perfecting that one single item on a shelf; the people who allow the brand into their lives and share it with others.

The product in mind here is Iglo’s Rahm-Spinat, a frozen spinach from Iglo, a top European frozen foods brand.

At Iglo’s website, customers can enter a code from the package and find a biography of the farmers that grew that very spinach.

Whether we end up talking about the utility of a brand, whether there’s even a mention of provenance, the most resonant stories retain a link back to a human animating spirit.

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