Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The irresistible allure of shrubbery

Image from Troy B Thompson

My partner Mark tells a story that I find illuminating and frustrating all at once. Dark, knowing laughter is the general response.

He was creative director on BMW for the longest time. If ever there’s been a brand more meticulously crafted over so many years, I’d like to know its name.

He once met with the dealer body from Florida, one of whom was the leading dealer in the entire country. In fact, this particular guy’s success was enough to turn heads and raise eyebrows.

“Your sales are three times anyone else’s? How do you do it?” asked Mark.

“Well, Mr. Creative Director, I take your beautiful ad, and I snip the bottom off it.”

“Yeeeesss…. Go on.”

“And then I add my own message.”


“My message says - Free Shrubbery With Every Test Drive.”

Funny how, on the road to a consummated persuasion, the smallest things, even actions seemingly at odds with your carefully constructed plan, can make the biggest difference.

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