Friday, November 21, 2008

Business schmodel

Ever since we first started to harbor devious thoughts of owning our own company, we’ve picked up on the incessant chatter.
“What’s the business model? The model is broken. We must find a new business model.” Etcetera.

Though we here have done plenty of thinking about our own business model, and created something we believe is right for the times, differentiated from many others, and will give us a shot at feeding ourselves, I keep getting this nagging feeling that building your business by imagining into existence a business model is a big fat red herring. Or at least, a herring that needs a healthy dose of salt.
Here’s my theory.
Stick twenty people in a room. At a long, long table. Make sure their skills are complementary, and that they have general agreement on what’s wrong and right in the world. Tell them to go solve marketers’ challenges. Ta-daaa.
Get the right people. Get it done. That’s the business model.

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