Monday, July 14, 2008

The best idea does not win

Image by R80o

I’ve come to a conclusion that is disturbing for someone who pays their mortgage by creating ideas for people.

Our business is not about ideas, it’s about agreements.

The logic goes like this:

If traditional communications have become devalued;

And if the actions a brand takes are more truthful and therefore more persuasive;

It follows that the most important initial audience for an idea are the people within the client company charged with bringing the idea to life. They are the ones that will make the brand act in a certain way. They are the ones you must co-operate with each other, working from the same place and to the same goal.

So, what they need is not a great idea, but an idea they can all agree on.

Sure, let’s do everything we can to make that idea as great as it can be… but remember it isn’t great until it works. And for that, every idea needs an agreement.

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