Thursday, August 14, 2008

It's not a beautiful game, yet.

Image by txGeek

I’ve played football since I was seven. (That’s soccer to you North Americans.)

That first season is a dim memory of frantic, giddy confusion… twenty players, and sometimes more if the goalies abandoned their posts and joined the fray, huddled around the ball, scrambling from one random part of the field to the other in a storm of dust and kicked shins.

This scene came back to me as I was attending deepspace mobile, an excellent half-day dive into the state of mobile marketing, laid on by space150. (And more thankyous, btw, to Billy and Co for your vision and your enterprise.)

As all these fast plunges go, it was a dizzying day of ups and downs. At the end of it, I was left with the half-comforting, half-distressing notion that nobody really knows where anything is going, not even the experts by their own admission.

And in terms of making it all work together, those experts are arguably even more baffled than the outsiders, as they commonly use other digital elements of the marketing mix as their only points of reference.

Kind of like a scrum of would-be center-forwards not quite aware there's an entire field to spread out on.

Who can be sure if we’ll ever have an orchestrating mastery of all the tools ever again. Technology moves so fast, we may never catch up. In which case it will always be interesting. It will always be experimental. And the breakout successes will go to the brave.

One thing is for sure - you have to be in the game. Mobile is the next wave of information technology integrating into our daily, no – second-by-second, lives.

With that in mind, we at Persuasion Arts & Sciences are proud to direct you to our new, mobile version of Persuasionism. See that little graphic up top of the right column? You can also put this url into your mobile device:

Happy playing.

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