Thursday, September 4, 2008

Persuasion Chocolates

While Autumn Cleaning the other day (see, we ZAG, people. No mundane Spring Cleaning for us) we found some left over boxes of chocolates from last Valentine’s Day. How they escaped consumption, we do not know.

Our “8 Assorted Tactics” were…

Twenty-eight unrelated flavors crammed into one place.

Boozy Lunch.
Expense account indulgence with Amaretto chaser.

Dark chocolate with a sobering hit of caffeine.

Sweet Talk.
Sugar-caramel with infusion of saccharine.

Blood red center of raspberry pulp.

Legal Action.
White tiramisu sprinkled with asterisks.

Dizzying spiral of chocolate and hazelnut.

Cherry lost in a thick blanket of chocolate.

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