Thursday, September 18, 2008

Rushing to judgment


Social media has allowed us to criticize faster than the real world actually moves. Where will it end?

Say, a candidate makes a speech.

She says ‘My…’

And the scribes immediately jump.

‘“My?” How selfish, like it’s all about her. What about us, the people you represent?’

The candidate continues.


The critics are in a lather. Just two words into this important speech, and she’s already blowing it.

‘”Fellow?” How pandering. We’re not your friends yet, lady.’


‘Oh right, like it’s all about America. This is a global economy. We can’t afford someone to be so plainly out of touch.’

Yes, I exaggerate.

But only to make a point about the new Microsoft campaign.

Seeing as this is my second post about Jerry and Bill, you’re going to start thinking I either have a sad obsession or an undisclosed stake. I don’t. My problem is the culture of criticism combined with the ability to unleash it rapidly and powerfully.

We’re two films into a sizeable communications campaign and each one has been stomped on by the pundits.

Let it breathe. Enjoy.

And if you want my punditry, I say film number two is a very enjoyable piece. It’s Bryan Buckley at his finest.

I can’t wait to hear the speech in its entirety.

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