Saturday, December 20, 2008

Idea of the week: Skill-Level Airport Security

This is a special holiday travel edition of 'idea of the week'. It was well-spotted by our very own Catherine McIntyre-Velky, who is so very glad the TSA has expanded their 'family line' program. I'll hand it over now to Catherine:
"Last week I was traveling home from a week of work on the road. I departed through an airport in which I don't typically frequent. I checked my bags (I'm a project manager - always packing for every possible eventuality always means over-packing) and was startled to see various security lines instead of one. Expert Travelers this way, Casual Travelers this way. What was this?
Like me, all the people in the Expert Traveler line had the drill down pat: slip on shoes for easy on/off, computer in bag, skillfully packed to be removed for the security bin with one hand and returned in the same manner, no clutter to slow you down, coat strategically removed at the right time so as not to create a wait, ticket with ID at the ready. It was a breeze.
The people in the Casual Travelers line looked happy, too, as the relaxed pace took the pressure off. No more business travelers breathing down their necks. Free to forget that they're wearing a belt with a giant silver buckle, free to forget the keys in the pocket, free to bring a family of four children, each wearing lace-up shoes.
In all the years I've traveled since 9/11, this was by far the most brilliant idea I've seen the TSA create. Why didn't someone think of this before, I wonder?"

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