Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A kick in the Annus Horribilis

Thanks to Elizabeth II, Queen of England, Belize, and Australia (among others) for popularizing the term Annus Horribilis.
Her reference was to 1992 - a singularly great year for me, not so much for the Royal Family.
But now it's the last day of 2008, a year that deserves special recognition. Let us raise a glass...

Here's to the whole sorry mess on Wall Street.
Here's to too-big-to-fail.
Here's to corporate jets.
Here's to multi-zero bonuses.
Here's to Madoff.
Here's to Detroit.
Here's to Mumbai.
Here's to climate change.
Here's to negative campaigns.
Here's to the Packers, the Gunners, and the Australian cricket team.
Here's to the ones that got away with it, and the ones who simply got away.
Here's to every single last miserable one of you.
You will make this glass of Costco champers taste that much sweeter.
And a sincere thanks to all our clients, collaborators, partners, readers, commenters, mentors, luminaries, cheerleaders, critics, friends, competitors, spouses, kids, mums and dads. We wish you the very best 2009 ever.

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